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What are Electronic Cigarettes?


Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

are electrical devices that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the flavour and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke but without the odour, smoke or ash of tobacco cigarettes.


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Puff Indoors - No. 1 For Electronic Cigarettes

If you're interested in purchasing electronic cigarettes, you've come to the right place! Puff Indoors has quickly developed a reputation as one of the UK's best and most reliable electronic cigarette providers. For those who've already experienced the joys of electronic cigarettes, as well as individuals who are looking for a friendly introduction into this unique series of products, we're eager to help! Our friendly and professional staff can answer any questions you may have about our electronic cigarettes, and will be more than happy to help you find a product that perfectly matches your expectations. 

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Featuring a sophisticated vapour delivery system, electronic cigarettes provide a safe alternative to the hazards of traditional cigarettes. These products are excellent choices for those interested in finding a cheap and easily refillable alternative to smoking, and can also be used as powerful solution for those attempting to quit smoking. With a rechargeable delivery system, electronic cigarettes can be used repeatedly without fear of product malfunction or breakdown. Because of this, electronic cigarettes are now viewed as one of the best alternative smoking products currently available on the market today. 

Types Of Electronic Cigarettes 

We're proud to feature an array of popular electronic cigarette products, including e-liquid cigarettes, electronic cigars and electronic shisha pens, among others. We also provide a number of supplementary products, including e-cigarette liquid and e-cigarette cartomizers. Nicotine is typically added into the mix in varying amounts, allowing users to choose exactly how much of this product they wish to consume. 

 For example, these levels can be adjusted if you wish to enjoy a stronger tobacco cigarette. Individuals attempting to gradually reduce their intake of nicotine can progressively stage down their consumption. Regarding our e-liquid products, we measure the strength of e-liquids in milligram of nicotine per millilitre of total fluid volume. A variety of flavourings can typically be added into the e-cigarette mix. Some of our most popular flavour products include menthol, as well as an abundance of fruits, foods and drinks. Basically, if you can name it, you can have it! 

 Our electronic cigarette starter kit is an excellent tool for those who may not have extensive experience with e-cigarettes but remain interested in exploring this fascinating new product. If you're ready to purchase your new electronic cigarette or introductory kit, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!