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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Electronic cigarettes are the ideal way to quit smoking and can provide the perfect alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Smoke free, tobacco free and carcinogenic free – they provide the full smoking experience without the dangerous chemicals and health risks. Investing in one of our electronic cigarette starter kits means you’ll be able to get right on your way to giving up tobacco for good while still experiencing the same nicotine hit at the back of your throat that so many smokers miss when trying to give up. This is the reason that some smokers can find it hard to quit and will often go back to cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes mimic the look and feel of a cigarette, but instead of inhaling dangerous carbon monoxide, electronic cigarettes produce a nicotine water vapour. A heating element within the electronic cigarette heats up the nicotine liquid within the cartomiser when the e-cig is inhaled providing the smoker instead with a hit of smooth nicotine that the body craves during quitting. Our electronic cigarette starter kits provide you with everything you need to set you up including batteries, cartomiser refills, a USB charger, a USB wall plug and an instruction manual. Our e cigarettes are realistic cigarette size so it’ll feel exactly like you’re smoking the real thing.

E cigarette Starter Kits

Whatever your budget, you’ll find the ideal E cigarette starter kits to fit your need. Available in varying strengths and flavours, you’re sure to be able to replace your old tobacco cigarette with ease. Choose from our most basic electronic cigarette starter kits containing two cartomisers, a battery and a USB charger then add as many as 50 cartomisers. Each cartomiser is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes! Or explore our deluxe e cigarette starter kits with the option to add as many as 100 cartomisers. You’ll find within no time that switching to electronic cigarettes will save you money. Using an electronic cigarette works out far cheaper thanks to long lasting cartomisers – meaning you’ll save hundreds of pounds within months and thousands within years. As well as being a healthier alternative and far cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not subject to the indoor smoking ban as they don’t produce smoke. This means you can legally smoke them inside without worrying about breaking the law. You can also smoke them inside the home without worrying about disturbing anyone.